New Italian Horror with Hate H 2 0


Fangoria has scored some of the first official images to Alex Infascelli's HATE H 2 0.  Here's one to tease you with *wink*.. but to check out the rest you would need to click on the image.

The story for HATE H 2 O goes like this (depending on where you read.. so I'm going to give you both).. the overview from the films production company goes like this:

"Five girls travel to a remote mansion in the middle of nowhere for a purifying water fast. Seven days. No food, no electricity, no phones. With water as their only means of sustenance.

Their days will tick away in a crescendo of mysterious happenings, until they come to believe they might not be entirely alone inside the gloomy cottage. Just as water gives life, it is water that will gruesomely take life away.... "

The synopsis Fangoria has posted is a little less vauge and is as follows:

"HATE 2O’s strange events begin when Olivia and her four friends hold a purifying water fast at her secluded cottage. Docile and introverted, Olivia is easy prey for her deceitful guests, who ridicule her and her long-lost twin—an unborn child “absorbed” by Olivia during the childbirth that killed her mother.

Tormented, Olivia ferociously removes the only palpable link she has with her dead twin—a tooth lodged beneath the skin of her shoulder. But discarding it down the drain only brings the horrific past to the surface. Just as water awakens this hidden life, it is water that will gruesomely take life away… "

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