Evil Aliens Trailer


DAN just sent us the trailer for Evil Aliens and I gotta say its a pretty damn good trailer. A shout out to TODD From Twitch who emailed me about this a week ago and I pretty much sat on it cause I was so damn busy. Anyrate enjoy the trailer! Its gore-tastic! Evil Aliens is a hilarious horror flick about a disreputable cable TV team investigating a wild alien abduction involving intergalactic impregnation on a remote farming island off the Welsh coast. The UFO story is eventually believed to be a fake and the program-makers intend to re-enact it - until they, too, face the lethal space creatures hungry for a bloody close encounter! The movie is out in British Cinemas in MARCH.  It stars the stunning JODIE SHAW, JENNIFER EVANS and EMILY BOOTH and also features a cameo appearance by your favourite FREAK OUT friends Merv (James Heathcote) & Onkey (Dan Palmer)!

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