Neve Campbell Returns to Horror in Adina


Dread Central has learned that actress Neve Campbell is set to make her return to horror in the Nicolas Roeg directed film - ADINA

It is being said that ADINA:

  "Aims to be a deviation from the recent cinematic entries into horror filmdom. Neve will star as the titular Adina, a young woman who is not quite human and is struggling to fit into a world where she may or may not have to kill.

Screenwriters Bernadette Elliott and Michael Lupetin aim to create an innovative breed of horror that applies to today's society, and even more they see this as a chance to deviate from the current glut of Hollywood remakes. In order to do this, Lupetin and Elliott are starting the movie storytelling process from scratch."

The film is currently in pre-production and will also co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Stay tuned here at HM for more news to come.  

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