Automaton Transfusion: Full Trailer Now Online


It's been a while since we've reported any news on this film, but I'm happy to say that the full trailer for Steven C. Miller's upcoming zombie film AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION is now online and can be viewed here.  Also, the official site for the film is now online and can be viewed by clicking on the image. 

This definately looks to be a cool addition to the zombie genre and also be on the lookout for HM's exclusive interview with the director of AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION - comming soon!

"Based in a small town, near by a major city becomes overrun by zombies. Three local teens find themselves caught in the middle of a major war, between the humans and the dead.  Deciding to fight back. They venture on a fast paced. Punch you in the throat. Non-stop ride. This film will eat you alive and blood will run."

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