New Horror Film: Dead in the Water


This isn't the "Love Boat".. but you'll definately will be getting some action in this new indie horror film, titled - DEAD IN THE WATER.  Here is the synopsis of the film:

"In the LA Club scene, everybody's somebody if you're on "the list". A hot club promoter plans a killer yacht party but strange things start to happen when his girlfriend turns up dead and they suspect the boat is haunted. On the yacht's maiden voyage, a millionaire's wife died in a tragic accident - and now it appears she doesn't like people on her boat. 

As the night goes on, more of the club goers meet tragic and suspicious deaths. Infidelity, secrets and murder have turned this excursion into anything but a party boat."

DEAD IN THE WATER is currently in pos-production and is expected to premiere at this years LA Film Festival in June.  But till then, you can check out the films official site and trailer here.

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