New Horror on DVD February 14th


Holy Horror Movies batman. Finally a day packed full of new horror releases on DVD. Including Zombie Honeymoon and Saw 2. Enjoy valentines the right way with lots of gore and horror lovings.

On DVD February 14, 2006
Director Kong Soo-chang, delves into the innermost psyche of soldiers who have to fight for their lives in the face of inexplicable threats and horror on a remote battlefield in Vietnam in 1972. First Lieutenant Choi Tae-in (Kam Woo-sung) is living an eventless life after survivi...

Zombie Honeymoon
On DVD February 14, 2006
Danny and Denise are happy, loving newlyweds on their way to their honeymoon.  During the trip Danny is attacked by an unknown monster and is bitten in the attack.  Everything seems alright until he begins to get sick with an unknown disease. Unbeknowenst to his Denis...

Saw 2
On DVD February 14, 2006
While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it is the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of bodies - and parts - behind.   And Mason is right.   Jigsaw is a...

Aliens Gone Wild
On DVD February 14, 2006
From AngelCity to the barren desert, razor sharp claws, killer parasites, deadly websites, and world destruction prevail. But, fear not... Bradbury, Jack Deth, Zack Stone and Paul Dean... once again, save the day! Aliens Gone Wild is the latest piece from the masters of horror ...

On DVD February 14, 2006
 "I believe we make our own hell." In the small midwestern town of Bisbee, life moves at a slower pace. Faces have names and names are well known. The most infamous of them all is Kelby Unger, and after thirteen years of being away, his return stirs up more than just the pas...

Love Bites
On DVD February 14, 2006
Antonio makes his living off others, sleeping at his friend's health club, borrowing money, and crashing parties. But he finds himself working overtime when a wealthy club owner, Von Bulow hires him to track down the elusive Jordan, who is thought to be a real Vampire. All Anto...

October Moon
On DVD February 14, 2006
Elliot a young, "straight" man who is shunned by his family, friends and fiancée when he falls for another man, Corin. Unfortunately, Corin already has a significant other, and as Elliot finds himself rejected at every turn, things get ugly‚Ķ very, very ugly, and bloody...

Anthropophagus: Grim Reaper
On DVD February 14, 2006
A fun vacation goes terribly wrong when young tourists become stranded on a mysteriously uninhabited Greek island. They soon find out that all of the former inhabitants have been violently murdered by an insane, rotten-smelling madman who is out to systematically kill each of the...

House of 9
On DVD February 14, 2006
Nine strangers, with no apparent connection between them are abducted: drugged, kidnapped and sealed in a house together.

Beast in the Cellar
On DVD February 14, 2006
When viciously mutilated bodies begin turning up on a remote British moor, local police blame the grisly killings on some powerful, unknown carnivore. What they don't know is what sweet old Ellie and Joyce have been keeping bricked-up in their dark basement for the past thirty ye...

Poor Pretty Eddie
On DVD February 14, 2006
A wrong turn on a jazz singer's road trip results in her car breaking down near an isolated lodge run by a faded starlet and a young, homicidal Elvis impersonator.

On DVD February 14, 2006
Their story begins over three centuries ago with a horrifying tale of incest and hedonism. Now, banished to a remote island in the Atlantic, these hideous creatures stalk the catacombs beneath the rocky shores emerging to satisfy their thirst for human blood. One man shares the...
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