Going Urban with AvP 2?


Take this bit of news only as a rumor for now... and at least this will give us something to talk about, but thegoldensimatar tipped me off to a bit of news that over at sknr.net is saying that they have confirmed that the setting for ALIENS VS PREDATOR 2 will be some type of "urban" setting and not on a remote area (such as a temple) or on some distant ship.  They also go on to say that "thanks to a nice explosion, and a cover up, the Alien presence would stay a secret thus protecting the continuity of the Alien film series."

Personally, I think that would be a weak set up for a film, as well as to easy of a conclusion.  I would like to see AVP 2 be taken back to the Predators homeworld and have the Aliens wreck havoc there.. now that would be ace.  Anyways.. give me your comments, what do you think?


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