Michael Bay Wants a Part of Jason


Variety has reported the Michael Bay Platinum Dunes will be producing the next installment to the FRIDAY THE 13TH series.  The studio's are hoping to get this project on "the fast track" so that it can still be released in time for their target release date of - October 13, 2006.  Also, New Line has now hired Mark Wheaton ("Son of the Morning Star") to write the script for the film.

I have to say that news concerning the story of this film is really "fluid" as of right now.  Orginally it was reported that this was going to be more of a "Jason origin" piece.. then it looked like it was going to be a FRIDAY THE 13TH redux.. and now the rumor is that it's going to be a hybrid of both.  Bloody D has now learned that "Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes apparently WANTED to remake it but would said "let's do something different" instead. New Line was super cool with it. So the next FRIDAY THE 13TH looks more to be a "reimaging" in which the story will take place after part one. 

Interesting.. so it's kind of like FRIDAY THE 13TH Part 1.5.  We'll definately be keeping tabs on this.. and I'm sure in the coming days things will change again.  All I know is that whatever they do.. just get it right.


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