Early Review for House of the Dead 2


HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 is scheduled to be released onto DVD on March 21, 2006 and I know we already have some anxious HM readers who are ready for this bad boy to get released.  Well, the deadman recently had a chance to view the DVD screener for HOTD 2 and submit his "early review" of the film. Just click on the image and check out what the deadman has to say - and man did I have plenty to say.

In HOTD 2:  "At a local university, Professor Curien (Sid Haig) is experimenting with eternal life, when he unwittingly unleashes a zombie plague onto the university campus. Soon, the whole campus is infected and overrun by zombies and 29 days later a Special Forces unit, along with two AMS agents Emmanuelle Vaugier (Alex) and Ed Quinn (Ellis) are sent in to find any survivors and retrieve a blood sample from the "zero generation" zombie – in hopes of creating an antidote, but they only have until 0700 hours before cruise missiles are sent to destroy to whole area."

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