More Info on Friday the 13th v1.5


In a recent article, Fango went start to the source and talked with Plantinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller, who’s co-producing the film with partners Andrew Form and Michael Bay.  Here's a little bit of what Andrew had to say about the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH redux or "revisioning"... whatever you want to call it.

  "We don’t know exactly what it’s going to be yet; it’s definitely not going to be set after FREDDY VS. JASON or JASON X.  Jason didn’t really start killing until FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, so this isn’t a remake of the first one - Jason’s definitely going to be killing people in our movie. He didn’t wear the hockey mask until the third film, and our Jason is definitely going to wear the mask - so this is how we’re going about it right now."

Brad also goes on to say that with this film, the closest thing he can compare it to is what they did with recent TCM "revision." We will recognized somethings.. but it will be a totally new and distinctive story.  BLAH.. BLAH.. I didn't dig the TCM redux and I'm not to sure if I'm gonna end up diggin this... but hey, at least we have the orginals.  To read the rest of what Brad Fuller had to say, click here.

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