Unearthed Films to Release City of Rott

Frank Sudol (director) of the animated zombie, blood bath of a film - CITY OF ROTT has just let me know that his film has been picked up by Unearthed Films for DVD distribution.   This "new" 77 minute gore-soaked feature (our early review was of the inital 53 min cut) is set to be released sometime in 2006 and as soon as we learn of a firm date, we'll let you know.
If you don't remember CITY OF ROTT was selected as one of Meh's TOP 5 HORROR FILMS FOR 2005 - so you know it's something special. 
"CITY OF ROTT" is a modern city. There's a number of stores, malls, office buildings, apartments, gas stations and deli stops. There's even a park. Rott city is a big place. And Fred will explore it as far as his tired old legs can take him.

But it's not a vacant city. Not by any means. Hidden in the alleyways, await hundreds of the living dead, desperately waiting for their next meal to arrive, while they slowly rot away. The worms are taking over...

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