Welcome New Writer : Chad Langen


I wanted to take a moment to announce that Chad Langen has broken into our super secure secret lair and refuses to leave. So while we stock up on shotgun shells and prepare ourselves for Armaggedon he will be helping run the show on HorrorMovies.ca

He may have us all locked up in the cellar but by golly when we get out of here, and find some ammo, or at least some stray dude to rip an arm off and wield as a weapon, he is in for it. Seriously though he is a new writer trying his hand at the daily news for HorrorMovies.ca. Everyone welcome him. He is not new to the site, has been contributing reviews for quite some time and myself, and the site editor Deadmanwalkin welcome him to the hell hole that we call.. HorrorMovies.ca. Feel free to harass and abuse him at will! Chad is one of many new faces you will see writing for HorrorMovies.ca ensuring we always keep the best and hottest horror news and reviews coming your way!

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