Wizard Of Gore Remake


Drive-in horror movie autuer Herschell Gordon Lewis' ("Blood Feast, original "2,000 Maniacs") horror flick "The Wizard of Gore" was recently announced as Hollywood's latest horror movie remake. The redux cast is already chock full of well known actors, including Crispin Glover ("Willard", "Friday the 13th the Final Chapter"), Brad Dourif ("Child's Play", "Graveyard Shift"), Kip Pardue ("Devil's Pond"), Bijou Phillips ("Venom") and Jeffrey Combs ("Re-animator", "House on Haunted Hill").

The original concerns a Murderous Magician, who, during his magic show, hosts female volunteers on stage to stick swords and drills through them. After the show, the volunteers walk off stage, unharmed, only to later be found dead from the same things done to them during the show. When a man's girlfriend becomes obsessed with the magic show, he decides to take things into his own hands and begins to investigate the magician. No word yet on when production will start.  We'll keep you updated.

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