Curse, Death, Spirit DVD Contest

To celebrate the release of Curse Death Spirit we have got 2 copies of the DVD to give away.Entering is easy. Just email us your name, age and address with the subject "Curse Death Spirit". Follow those easy instructions and your entered! Curse / Death / Spirit is made up of 3 stories.   Story 1: The Cursed Doll
Someone is calling Satomi in her dreams. As she follows the voice, she finds that a doll appears to be the source; a doll carrying the spirit of her dead sister.

Story 2: The Spirit of the Dead
Following her husband's death, a woman takes her son on a camping trip. The family outing is disrupted by the appearance of a female specter who believes the boy to be her own.

Story 3: The Haunted Inn
Three girls decide to take a vacation at a traditional Japanese inn. Unaware of the tragedy that occurred there, they find themselves in the presence of a spirit who forces them to repeat the events of that day.
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