I Wish I Was a Lollipop


Hot chicks and gore... you better watch out for the CANDY STRIPERS.

"Injured in an out-of-town college basketball game, Matt and his teammates end up in the local hospital. Matt suffers a broken leg and head injuries. His best friend, Joey, shares a room with him. Joey's little sister, Cherie, is madly in love with Matt, but doesn't stand a chance because of Krystal, Matt's longtime girlfriend.

Matt is put in traction, unable to move, but he sees things getting weirder and weirder in the hospital. Sweet young Candy Stripers seem to be changing almost in front of his eyes, seducing all the men in the hospital then wrapping them up in a hideous weblike substance.

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Matt realizes that he has to get out. Dragging his unwilling friends along with him, they make it to the front entrance only to discover that the hospital is put under quarantine. They're trapped. The group flees, just as a riot breaks out and Candy Stripers massacre everyone. Matt and his friends head to the basement, where they stumble upon the alien's makeshift maternity ward. As Matt's friends are picked off one by one, Matt leads the rest into a life and death struggle, a struggle that becomes larger than just saving his own life."

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