Update: Andrew Bryniarski on Friday the 13th


So last week the deadman posted a news item about Andrew Bryniarski wanting to take over the reigns in the new Friday the 13th movie as jason. In the news item it came across as if Andrew was being really pig headed and arrogant about the whole thing and our members jumped all over him on it. Well I warned you alot of folks read this site and Andrew Bryniarski is one of em. He wrote me and gave me permission to share his email. Here is what he had to say.

Damn read yer boards tonight.Thanx again for the defense that time.It's really quite simple: When intervied for the horror channel, MTV@the 2003 movie awards I said I would love to play Jason in a film,and frankly since I got the first film,even as a kid: It has always been the same,Boris Karloff,and Lon Chaney Jr&Sr.were my first hero's.The first book my mother who is a librarian got me to read was called 'HEROS OF THE HORRORS".These are people I would like to succeed in terms of my future film career.Kane is a cool guy,Ken and I share an agent,so.   It's not about shutting other people out,cept for I will always assurdly maintain my own worth and merit in seeking another iconic horror role to re-invent.I am not going to justify the merit of my work,it rocks cause I bust my ass for my craft and the fans I am an actor who does not want to be Vin Deisel or Arnold or Owen Wilson.Bring on the Hockey mask!!!!!!!!!!!Oh Canada!
Basically comes down to Andrew to me seems like a pretty level guy and it is very easy to mis-interpret words on a page and take them as 'arrogant'. You can read the news article that spawned this right here: YOINK It was cool of him to write in and clear things up and not mind the fact that we pretty much dragged him through the mud in the earlier news item. Well our members did, not the news writer :P Sides I have to side with Andrew because he ended his email with OH CANADA! Come on.... how cant you love a guy who loves canada?
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