Make Mine Rare: Andre The Butcher DVD


Davis DVD has learned that Thinkfilm and Velocity Home Entertainment will soon be releasing the upcoming Ron Jeremy horror (not porn) film - ANDRE THE BUTCHER onto DVD on April 25, 2006.

The DVD will be released as unrated and will sport an anamorphic transfer, Dobly Digital 5.1 and 2.0 tracks, filmmakers commentary, deleted scenes and trailers.  For more information about ANDRE THE BUTCHER you can check out the films official site here.

ANDRE THE BUTCHER starring Ron Jeremy is the scrumptious new horror feature film project from Rice Power Productions that interweaves humor and terror in a non-stop thrill ride for the ages. When a small group of decadent cheerleaders (JASMINE, COOKIE, KRISTY, JIMBO) gets stranded on their way to the regional championships, they hike for help through the vast wilderness. Inevitably they find refuge in an abandoned hunting lodge hidden in the backwoods of nowhere Florida... Meanwhile, a duo of bumbling escaped convicts (TOBER, HOSS) trudges toward freedom through endless trails and orange groves. Their pit stop: an abandoned hunting lodge hidden in the backwoods of nowhere Florida. And like that- our cheerleaders' day goes from bad to worse when they become unwilling hostages in a tense standoff with local deputies.

But when darkness falls, a new terror comes along in the form of local urban legend ANDRE THE BUTCHER. All sinners must repent for Andre is here to harvest souls for hell and turn flesh into delicious chili. Unlikely alliances are formed when all sides band together and fight for survival in a searing, all-out butcher blades meets pom-poms gymnastics martial arts extravaganza with a clever ending that has to be seen to believed.

ANDRE THE BUTCHER. No matter how you slice it... he's pure terror.

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