Crystal Lake Chronicles Coming Soon?


Well I know I have been hearing this for years and it has come up again that the Crystal Lake Chronicles television series is still a possiblilty. The series will follow Jason as he takes apart Crystal Lake in a mini series for television. Something I'm sure we would all love to see.

Sean S. Cunningham once again brought up the series when he was talking to Fangoria about his involvement with Trapped Ashes. “I’m also developing a couple of TV series, one of which, CRYSTAL LAKE CHRONICLES, I’d produce [and direct a little]. Geoff Garrett and Dan Farrands [screenwriter of HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS] created the idea.”

Fangoria attempted to get in touch with Garrett but he couldn't comment. As everyone that has been waiting several years for this to get out of development hell knows, this is still far from being solid info. I'll be keeping a keen eye out for more info on this as it develops. 

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