'Residents' Of Mexico Turn 'Evil'

Chad Langen

One of our readers has dropped us an e-mail stating that a rumor regarding 'Resident Evil 3' being shot in Mexicali, Baja California Mexico is indeed true.  He apparently recieved a mail from a person of the filming crew asking him as well as others for a bunch of cell phones.

To be honest, I've heard absolutely nothing regarding the shooting location for the film, but Mexico may be interesting.   There's not much word on the premise for the film except that the story will take place in a post-apocalyptic world over run with mutant zombies.  Paul W. Anderson is attached to direct and Milla Jovovich is set to star.   There's also no word on the official title from the film but it's went from Resident Evil 3, to Resident Evil: Afterlife, to Resident Evil: Extinction.  We'll have more updates soon.
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