Herschell Gordon Lewis is Back!


Fangoria got a huge tip today that the Godfather of Gore will be returning to the directors chair once again. Film State 51 will be backing two films from the man, Herschell Gordon Lewis' Grim Fairy Tales and Back In Blood: Revenge Of The Gore-Crazed Maniacs.

Grim Fairy Tales will be HGL's twisted take on reality television of today. Taking a game show in which the losers "pay the ultimate price". Now Revenge has really caught my attention because it will reunite some of Lewis' anti-heroes of the past including Fuad Ramses (Blood Feast), Montag the Magnificent (The Wizard Of Gore), Adam Sorg (Color Me Blood Red) and Rodney and Granny Pringle (The Gruesome Twosome).

According to Fangoria, there is also five other projects in the works between Film State 51 and HGL. You can check out Fangoria for some comments that Lewis made regarding the films.

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