Meredith Monroe in Vampires film

Meredith Monroe, best known for her role on Dawsons Creek, has wrapped a starring role in "Vampires III : Temple of Blood". A  sequel to John Carpenter's "Vampires" and "Vampires : Los Muertos", the film is directed by J.S Cardone and was shot entirely on location in Thailand.

John Carpenter had no involvement with this film but he may lend his name to the film later as the Presenter. The film promises to be much more "action-oriented" than its predecessors, with a plot that draws heavily upon Asian mysticism and is "told from the vampiresí point of view."

Sounds very interesting we'll have to se how this one turns out. I happened to like the orginal "Vampires" but I never saw the sequel. Hopefully we don't get bogged down with CGI and get a good FX studio onthis film.. 

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