No 'Creeper' After All

Chad Langen

Fangoria posted that they got official word from sources stating that "Jeepers Creepers 3" would not be happening to the recent merge between Sony and MGM.  At one time Rogue Pictures offered series creator Victor Salva and Francis Ford Coppola's production shingle Zoetrope Pictures a sizable budget to launch a third film.  A complicated framework of rights logistics between MGM and Sony prevented Rogue from moving forward, and Salva was left with no choice but to move on. He helmed an adaptation of WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR, starring Nick Nolte and Amy Smart, instead, and Zoetrope was left to seek funding of its own if it wished to see the Creeper fly again.

My opinion is this, I really enjoyed the first flick and the second was a moderately good horror film, but I have no problem if a third film is made or not.  To me, Hollywood gets out of control with sequels now-a-days and some franchises are just not meant to expand.

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