April 25th : Horror of Party Beach & Curse of the Living Corpse on DVD


DarkSky is going to be releasing a double feature of The Horror of Party Beach and The Curse of the Living Dead onto DVD on April 25th. On top of that they will be releasing Violent Midnight the first film for James Farentino and Dick Van Patten also stars Jean Hale and Sylvia Miles, chewing up scenery like she hadn't been fed in a month. An artist and his model become entangled in a mystery as a black-gloved strangler stalks a college campus.

It’s not safe to go swimming in this horror gem. A barge dumping barrels of radioactive waste into the ocean unknowingly creates a killer sea monster and “The Horror of Party Beach” is born! The police call upon local scientist, Dr. Gavin and his protégé, Hank Green for help. It’s a race against time for the scientists to find a way to kill the creature before it strikes again. Meanwhile, romance blossoms between Hank and Dr. Gavin’s daughter, Elaine. As housekeeper Eulabelle works her voodoo magic, Gavin determines that the common element Na may do the trick - if only they could find a mass quantity. Special features include audio commentary and an interview with Del Tenney.

New England, 1892. Family patriarch Rufus Sinclair has just passed away and is resting in his crypt. Or, is he? His family assembles for the reading of the his that includes strict demands about the old man’s burial and upkeep of his crypt. If not followed to the letter, Rufus threatens not only to give the entire estate to his attorney, but to return from the grave and murder each one of them in the manner they fear the most. But, the relatives cannot refrain from continuing their bad behavior and one by one, the bodies begin to fall. Special features include audio commentary with Del Tenney, a photo gallery and theatrical trailers.

Look for our reviews of these titles soon. We are going to be putting the new kid Chad Langen to the test reviewing these titles for us.

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