"Pumpkinhead" Sequels Find Directors

Chad Langen

We've just got official word that both "Pumpkinhed 3" and "Pumpkinhead 4", which will begin shooting back-to-back next month in Romania, have found directors.  Jake West, who's "Evil Aliens" hits UK cinemas on May 10th, will be helping the third, while Mike Hurst (House of the Dead 2, Room 6) has the honors of directing the fourth.  Both films will be Sci-Fi originals with the third premiering October 2006, and the fourth in October 2007.  Fangoria adds to the report that original "Pumpkinhead" star Lance Henriksen will appears as a ghost in both sequels.

I never was impressed by the first flick, and I didn't even bother with the second.  I doubt either of the sequels will come as interesting to be but you never know.  I may end up checking them out just for the hell of it.



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