Dead End Days Trailer : Those Lousy Tippers!


What do you know, apparently Brad Fox, Producer of Dead End Days did read our earlier news article about the kick ass zombie series Dead End Days where we made fun of his lousy tipping. Dont know who Brad Fox is? Love free zombie movies? Love a 4 disc set of free zombie movie lovings? Well Head here! Its entertaining and packed full of vitamin C. But dont expect a good tip.

Anyrate Brad "The Lousy Tipper" Fox sent over the trailer for Dead End Days. It is super-fantastic and if it doesnt make you want to win the DVD set we are giving away or run out and buy it you are not a true fan of the zombie genre. And no they didnt pay me to say that. I mean come on, they dont even TIP at the bar!!! In all seriousness despite the fact Brad Fox is a lousy tipper the guys who made Dead End Days have made talent. Enjoy the trailer and be sure to visit the link above to enter and win a free copy or 2 or 3.

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