Miike to Direct Another Battle Royale?


Battle Royale is one of my favorite films so whenever I hear a movie compared to it, I pounce. Ryuganji.com was nice enough to translate Takashi Miikes blog for us in which he talks about his next film. If you are not familiar with Miike's previous work you should definetly check out Audition and Ichi: The Killer.

Making movies with kids is fun.

Right now the set has been invaded by shiny new cells, and my tainted soul is cleansed every time we shoot a scene. I can't go into detail here as the content is too provocative, but I'm sure that, just like the "Ina Bauer," it won't gain points but will be beautiful and moving, and will turn out to be a very freaky film.

"So what're ya shooting?"

It's a picture about a fierce battle between Aikawa Sho and a bunch of young boys. So, half the actors are kids.

"I've said this before but... is that really safe?"

This is a wholesomely violent movie. You can revel in excitement that doesn't fit within established genres, and after watching it I would like people to discuss human suffering with their mates over a few sakes at their local izakaya.

Heh heh heh. Next year's Japan Academy Awards are all mine.

Battle Royale has to be the greatest movie never to make it to the states. Now with this film being made by Takashi Miike maybe we will be able to see a movie in the same vein only with a proper U.S. release. Only time will tell. 

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