Sid Haig Takes the Directors Seat


Everyones favorite killer clown Sid Haig is now going to be stepping up the production ladder and helm a feature. He will be helming the comic to film adaptation of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Haig will also be taking off the clown make up in exchange for some fur to take the lead role according to our colleagues over at Dread Central.

I have read the comic and I wasn't much of a fan. But with Sid Haig taking over the lead role, I can really see it all coming together to make a great film. The Chicago Tribune talked with Mitch Hyman, the creator of Bubba, and he gave them a quick run down of the film.

"It's the story of [Bubba], a dogcatcher in a small Florida town ... There was a cosmetic factory that opened up in this little town and they were dumping their toxic waste into the swamps. One of the experiments that they were working with was on a poodle that had Bulgarian toxic waste used on it so it could test glow-in-the-dark mascara for the company. Well, the dog got evilly intelligent and escaped. Unfortunately, they sent Bubba out after it and Bubba just got bit by the wrong dog. It's comedy/horror. It's just slapstick, fall-down, insane comedy."

Hopefully Sid isn't biting off more than he can chew here by donning all the prosthetics of a werewolf costume AND directing. You can check out more about the comic at the official site and the movie even has its own little site as well. 

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