Pyramid Head Silent Hill Poster!


I think everyone is on the edge of their seat awaiting Christophe Gans Silent Hill. This could quite possibly be the best video game to film adaptation yet. IGN has put together a great interview with Gans while we wait for Silent Hill to hit theatres on April 21st. They also managed to get a great look at the Pyramid Head poster. During the interview Gans has answered a crucial question about how much they are taking from what games.

"I'm going to be very precise. It is a [combination] of Silent Hill 1 with some elements from the third one, which is a straight sequel to the first one, and with the look of the second one, which is my favorite. But I think that, it's not like trying to put three games in one film. We did not try to do that. We really tried to adapt the first one, but there were so many great elements in the second and third one, that we didn't resist… "

You can check out the rest of the interview over at IGN but before you do that check out the poster below.

Silent Hill Poster

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