New Texas Chainsaw Docudrama


I am one of the biggest Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans so when news of a new development about the classic Chainsaw is up I get alittle fuzzy inside. Fangoria spoke with Horror Buisness helmer Christopher Garetano and he revealed that he will be shooting a docudrama on the making of the original 1973 Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The docudrama will recreate all the ups and downs of filming Texas Chainsaw in the summer of 1973. They are expected to begin filming "South Texas Blues" in Austin, Texas in March of 2007. Even some of the original cast members will appear in the film according to the press release:

"During many of the pivotal dramatic moments, the action and actors will literally freeze as if time stands still. Then one of the actual survivors of the [CHAINSAW] cast and crew will walk back into this frozen moment in time and explain what they were feeling when the moment originally occurred.”

An old staff member from this very site is even involved as a co-producer, Elaine Lamkin. She will also be writing a book that will chronicle the making if "South Texas Blues" and a look back at Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Now this is some exciting news but its to bad that this project will most likely not be seen by the average fan for another two years. I'll be sure to follow this story and let you guys know when more develops.

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