Eli Roth Talks Hostel 2


The day after Eli Roths Hostel was a smash success Lionsgate greenlit the follow up Hostel 2. He has also recently been tapped to direct the Stephen King film "Cell". Without a doubt he is a busy man and so iF Magazine caught up with him and asked him about Hostel 2.

"Unlike the first HOSTEL, this one is not going to be a family movie. This one will have some blood in it and be a little darker and more violent. I have always wanted to see a sequel where it picks up with the next shot after the first one left off. I think the sequel should start off tonally where the last one left off."

Sounds like fun. I am a big fan of what Eli Roth has brought to the table so far and hopefully he can make the sequel just as good, if not better, than the original. You can check out the rest of the interview at iF Magazine.com where he talks about Cell and another project that he may have coming up, The Box.

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