Win Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD!

Thats right YET another contest open to all registered members on our site. And this one is a good one. Atarichild has put together a TRIVIA quiz and the two winners will each walk away with Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD. Does it get any better? No it doesnt

It is simple, download the PDF that is below and email us the answers(in order) to MAKE sure the topic of the email says "Gimme Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD" if it dont, your entry will be deleted. So remember that. One entry per person!

DO NOT post answers answers on the boards!! You can ask questions about the contest, and let people know how smart you are and taunt and crack on your competition but absolutely no posting answers.

The first two to get all the answers correct win, or the two with the most points. Happy hunting, the link to the PDF with the trivia questions is below. Remember the rules!!!!

Download The Bubba Trivia Quiz

Little side note, Atarichilds spelling is not the greatest, so if you have a question on the wording ask on the boards. We will send him back to english class later, but hey dont complain, he is donating one of the copies of
Bubba Ho-Tep .

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