Universal Brings Back The Wolf Man


Universal Pictures went way back in its vault of horror classics will bring back "The Wolf Man". Even better is they have cast Benicio Del Toro to play the lead role. Andrew Kevin Walker has already begun working on the script and Del Toro, Scott Stuber, Rick Yorn, and Mary Parent will produce.

Like the 1941 original that starred Lon Chaney Jr., the new film will be set in Victorian England. Del Toro will play a man who returns from America to his ancestral homeland, gets bitten by a werewolf and begins a hairy moonlight existence.

Walker is going to give the original tale a couple more twists, characters, and plot points to take advantage of all the new visual effects technology. He should have the script in by this spring and they hope to begin shooting after Del Toro finishes up his work on Guerilla. So for now they are planning to begin filming in 2007 with the film coming out in the summer as a 2008 tentpole. 

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