Fillion Talks White Noise 2


White Noise was one of those films where some people loved it and others hated it. Now I happened to like it for the most part. Of course it had its low points but I thought it was a decent popcorn movie. Now Patrick Lussir is going to be directing "White Noise 2: The Light" which is starring Nathan Fillion.

Fillion was out doing his promotion for Slither when asked him about White Noise 2. He gave a very good description of what you can expect to happen in the film.

"Here's the idea. I think we all know that in the first one, he was trying to receive messages through de-tuned televisions and what not from beyond the grave and in this movie, I have a near death experience. Yeah, CBs, TVs, anything detuned giving that static. In this movie I have a near death experience and it allows me to be the detuned receiver. I can see now the white noise. I don't need a receiver of any kind. I can see it but no one else can. So now I'm crazy."

I'm still not sure why there is going to be a sequel. But Fillion seems to be excited about the project. His co-star will be Katee Sackhoff who is currently appearing in Battlestar Gallactica.

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