Screenwriter Talks Masters of Horror Pelts


Even though I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and watch any of the episodes from the first season of Masters of Horror, I can imagine that season 2 will go much smoother. Someone else who helps it goes smoothly is Matt Venne. He spoke with Dread Central about his short story adaptation of F. Paul Wilson's "Pelts" being directed by Dario Argento.

"Pelts explores some of the grisly horrors inherent in the fur trade, and Argento fans know how often he uses animals as motifs in his films (Opera's crows, Inferno's cats and rats, Phenomena's insect plagues, and of course his "animal trilogy"; The Bird With Crystal Plumage, Cat O’ Nine Tails, and Four Flies on Grey Velvet), so it's really thrilling to imagine what he'll do with the raccoons in the story."

Venne hasn't let to much out about the plot except that it will be very gory. Which hopefully will be fine with Showtime considering they rebuffed Miike's "Imprint". You can check out more of what Venne had to say over at Dread Central.

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