Eli Roth Talks Cell


Eli Roth has been on a roller coaster of success recently. Hostel has grossed nearly $47 million making Roth the "horror guy" in Hollywood. So Now Playing Magazine had the oppurtunity to speak with him about Cell and some of his upcoming projects.

"Cell happened because of my producer, Mike Fleiss, who I produced Hostel with,” Roth recently told Now Playing. “He called me right as I was going away to do this five-week press tour for the international release of Hostel, and there were several other producers that were going after the property. He asked what I thought of it, and said he thought we’d have a pretty good chance to get it because Stephen King really liked Hostel, which definitely helped.”

Roth's pan right now is to finish writing and directing Hostel 2 and than he will begin working on Cell. Which he expects will happen in early to mid 2007. Roth went on to elaborate about what will happen with his other projects.

“It’s amazing how quickly things change and how your priorities shift. … Some of [those projects] I’m going to have to let go, because I can’t do everything and I’m friends with all the producers on those projects and I don’t want to stop them from getting them made. But you can’t kiss all the girls, although, believe me, I have tried.”

You can check out the rest of the interview over at Now Playing Magazine.

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