Feast Straight to DVD?


Feast PosterLast year I watched Project Greenlight 3 from start to finish and was in anticipation to see "Feast" soon after. Well now nearly a year later and no "Feast". Obviously the Weinsteins dropped the ball on this one. Had they released the movie right after Project Greenlight aired they probably would have pulled in a tidy profit.

Instead a rumour is now circulating that comedian/actor Judah Friedlander appeared on XM satelitte show Opie and Anthony and gave them an update. Apparently now the Weinsteins are planning to give the movie a limited release in midnight showings and than releasing it on DVD courtesy of The Weinstein Co. and Genius Products.

I really don't know what happened here. But for now this is still a rumour and should be treated as one. Although this does seem like the likely route this film will follow. A real shame..

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