Plane Dead Trailer and Poster


When I first saw everyone up in arms over this movie I checked it out and it looked like a cheesy attempt at the beaten to death zombie genre. The pictures from Fangoria a couple days ago didn't impress me either. But today I happened upon something that swayed my opinion otherwise.

At the Imageworks Entertainment International Inc. website for the film they have a little promo trailer from the film that you can stream directly here. I must say that trailer impressed me. It looks like they actually are putting money into this picture and it looks like the director actually knows what he is doing.

"Plane Dead" has a rather lengthy synopsis over at their official site that goes like this: RUN AWAY! Looking for excitement? You've made the right choice. Only a handful of the survivors remain.... Now, the clock is ticking, the pilots are dead, no place to land, fuel is running out, the dead are hungry and they are coming....

Award-winning producer-director Scott Thomas leads this tour-de-force, non-stop, effects-packed horror chiller PLANE DEAD. 

PLANE DEAD chronicles the 13-hour flight of trans-continental flight 107. It begins innocently enough, just another routine trans-continental flight aboard a 747.... This unfortunate flight's cargo area holds a horrifying secret, a metal case with a lethal virus that changes human beings into 'un-dead' killers in minutes. 

This deadly virus accidentally spreads; the undead begin to infect crew and passengers.... They all begin to die and come back to 'life'... except a few... this handful of survivors comes face to horrifying face with the unimaginable, living dead.... With no place to run, they must fight to stay alive, try to land the 747 before it crashes or is shot down by the military. 

This stylish thrill ride will keep you on the edge of your seat from the stunning opening to the astonishing conclusion! Have a nice flight, fright fans!

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