30 Days of Night Update!


30 Days of Night has been gathering a lot of dust with no word on what was happening with the project. Last we heard Sam Raimi scooped up the rights and that was it. Well thankfully Ghost Pictures has now choosen "Hard Candy" director David Slade to helm the pic.

Comingsoon managed to talk to him while he is out promoting Hard Candy and they asked him about his work on "30 Days of Night".

"Brian Nelson's writing the script, so that means we have a very original take on the genre," he said. "Indeed, I don't believe there's much of the genre left in what we've written, but it's very faithful both to Steve Niles' writing, and the town and the esthetic--we hope at this point, because we're not shooting until the summer--will be very close to Ben Templesmith's artwork. But we're going to maintain the level of realism."

Filming is set to begin in the summer in Alaska and New Zealand. For those of you who unaware of the comic "30 Days of Night", the story takes place in Barrow, Alaska. The sun does not rise for 30 consecutive days in this town. During that time vampires invade the town leaving the residents helpless. There only hope is the Sheriff and Deputy who just happen to be a husband and wife team.

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