Clive Barker Speaks


As always Clive Barker Revelations has "revealed" more about what he is going through and his countless projects. Barker has so many things on his plate that I don't know how the man can sleep at night.

He has a 5th Abarat book he is working on, some new films that will be coming down the pipeline soon, Scarlet Gospels, and he just finished a 45 page script for season 2 of Masters of Horror. But what most horror fans are curious about is the final Pinhead story, Scarlet Gospels. Apparently the book will be at least 3,000 pages long and will delve deep into "Barkers Hell".

The interview is a great read if you are a fan of Clive Barkers work. The man could go on for hours and hours about what he is working on. Unfortunately there was no mention of his Tortured Souls movie. But if you want to hear more about his work on Pinhead, Abarat, Masters of Horror screenplay, and much more check out the interview.  

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