Moss, Morse and Roemer Move into Disturbia


Carrie-Anne Moss, David Morse and Sara Roemer join Shia LeBeouf in Dreamwork's "Disturbia". D.J. Caruso has been lined up to direct this little picture which seems to be steering clear of the horror label and will go in favor of "thriller". Lets run down the synopsis and see what you guys think.

LaBeouf plays a teen serving a home-detention sentence. He begins to observe a neighbor and suspects the man is a serial killer. Morse will be playing said serial killer.

Now I'm sure this could swing its way into a thriller but anything concerning a serial killer has to involve some killings and more than one. Normally this is where I would crack a joke about LeBeouf in "Even Stevens" but ever since I saw him in Constantine I've had a new respect for the guy.

Only time will tell which way this movie will end up. So I'll keep an eye on this project and see what future stills and clips reveal.

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