Scott Phillips Returns After Stink of Flesh


Scott Phillips has been hard at work these days. His last feature "Stink of Flesh" was a fantastic new take on the zombie genre. It was something I had never seen or even thought of bringing into a zombie film. Now he is back behind the camera once again gearing up for his next film "Gimme Skelter".

Last we heard about the project it was supposed to begin filming last November, but due to unfortunate circumsances he had to postpone the film for a short while. But no worries, he dropped me a line today to let me know what is going on with production.

"Shooting begins May 6th and wraps on the 21st in Albuquerque, Moriarty, and Placitas, New Mexico. The flick is produced by Billy Garberina, written and directed by me, and exec produced by Dave Zollo.

Actually, the delay worked in our favor as it has allowed us to put together a great cast and a solid production -- in fact, pre-production is going so smoothly that it kind of scares me."

He also provided me with a complete cast listing and a pretty good synopsis for the film. Some of the notables that will be appearing in the film are Gunnar Hansen, Scott Spiegel, and Kurly Tlapoyawa who was fantastic in Stink of Flesh. If you want to see the entire cast listing head to our Gimme Skelter listing.

The synopsis is definetly interesting as it follows a group of characters in a small, sleepy New Mexico town, particularly Todd Aherne and his girlfriend Jonda. Through a terrible mistake, Todd puts his relationship with Jonda in jeopardy -- and when the town is besieged by a group of would-be serial killers led by a man who may very well be the son of Charles Manson, Todd must suffer trials he never imagined in order to save Jonda -- and himself.

Sounds great. Phillips described the film as "MAGNOLIA with gore..." Scott always brings something crazy into the mix so I'll be sure to keep in touch with him and give you guys all the information I can as it comes out.

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