Dario Argento Updates his Fans


Today Arrow kindly pointed out that the Dario Argento approved fan site, Dark Dreams, has gotten word from him on a few of his upcoming projects. Apparently he was in Belgrade and he spoke with the press and fans to let them know what he has going down.

-- the shooting of the new MoH episode directed by dario is scheduled for this week

-- dario confirmed that the third mother has been delayed to september 2006

-- he has been offered a HD movie to direct by steven soderbergh and george clooney for their production house

-- in an interview he said that he is tired of the 'pseudo realistic' look of his recent work, and that he will be returning to the baroc visual style of suspiria and inferno

I'm glad to hear he will be returning to his Suspiria days. Thats the Argento I think we all grew to love. You can check out everything Argento at Dark Dreams and if you got a hankering for his daughter Asia like I do, she has her own section there as well. 

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