UPDATED: Evil Dead The Cabin DVD Set


Yesterday I had a great time at the Cinema Wasteland show in Cleveland. Ken Kish did a fantastic job again putting on a great show. As always Tom Sullivan was there with his Evil Dead museum and I wandered in to check everything out and get my Book of the Dead DVD autographed.

Tom was a great guy and we talked about several movies and other projects that are happening in horror. So I asked him what he had coming up in the future. He told me that Anchor Bay has plans to re-release Evil Dead once again.

This time they are going to do an all new transfer and releasing it with a minature scale cabin from the film. I heard about this a year ago and just thought it was rumor. But this for me is confirmation that we will indeed see another Evil Dead set.

UPDATE: After I wrote this up, I suddenly remembered something. Tom also told me that Peter Jackson might also be involved in this edition. Word is that Jackson will be putting together a tribute to Evil Dead feature that could be included in this set. Now that might be something that would make this set worthwhile.

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