Charles Band Hittin the Bong


I've got some more news to deliver from my trip to the Cinema Wasteland Convention in Cleveland. Over the weekend Charles Band had a mini Roadshow event at the con. Afterward he had a little Q&A. I remembered hearing about his "stoner comedy" that he mentioned in his blog.

What he told us was that he was looking for a new idea to make a movie on. So he went to a bunch of suits and asked them what type of movie would be ideal to make. The "suits" told him to make a stoner comedy like Half Baked and Dude Where's My Car?

So he sat on that idea for awhile and decided to throw alittle bit of horror into the mix. Band revealed that the title of his next film will be "The Evil Bong" and that, get this, Tommy Chong will be the man that owns the bong. The Evil Bong will suck peoples soul inside and they will be trapped inside some strange world.. Something like a permanent bad trip.

For fans of Charles Band I'm sure they know this will be a great ride. What I'm anxious to see is how he plans to pull off the look of the "Evil Bong". It should be very interesting and I will keep my eye out for anymore announcements regarding this movie.

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