New Silent Hill Character Downloads


Christophe Gans is hoping to pull off the best video game to film jump ever. He doesn't have much competition but it is still plaguing the film industry. Most likely because Uwe Boll has directed more than half of those films but even what looked like a great film in Resident Evil turned out to be nothing but video game fluff.

Well on April 21st you will be able to see what Gans has been pouring his heart into for the past couple months and see if it measures up. Until than Sony has put together some kick ass downloads of characters from the film. They have the Miners, Red Pyramid, Gray Child, Dahlia, Janitor, some creepy looking freaks, and the poster you see below which is the Nurses. Go ahead and click on the poster to get iPod skins, PSP wallpapers, posters, and AIM icons of all those characters listed above.

Silent Hill Poster

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