Big Bad Wolf Update


Lance W. Dreesen has been off filming Big Bad Wolf for awhile now and I must say its been a long time since we have gotten a decent werewolf film. From what I have heard from the Producer this film sounds like it could be up there with Dog Soldiers and even An American Werewolf in London.

But I'm gonna hold out on that conclusion until I see some moving pictures. Not to mention the pictures that Fangoria got a hold of today. Their is one picture that has me worried that the werewolf looks sort of like Jack Nicholson in Wolf. Check it out.

In addition the Producer Clint Hutchinson spoke with Fango and had some intelligent things to say about werewolf films and the special FX for this film.

“Nowadays, it seems filmmakers get lazy and rely too much on CGI, and hokey ‘morphing’ effects. We want the audience to hear tendons pop, and cartilage crack—to feel the pain of a human body undergoing immense stress as it transforms. We are going to raise the bar for transformation sequences, and believe audiences will freak when they see ours! We have opted for a combination of makeup effects and cutting-edge CGI—married seamlessly with a great performance by our lead—so that you’re not sure how it is done. For us, the best special effects are those that just seem real. You don’t say, ‘Oh, cool bladder effect!’ or ‘Nice CGI.’ You just get caught up in the story. Michael is rendering that level of detail to the physiology of the beast.”

Check out Fango for more from the producer and more pics.

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