The Dead Have Awaken


Jeff Brookshire dropped me a note to let me know about his upcoming zombie film Awaken the Dead. He gave me a ton of info on what he has in store for all of us. First off here is alittle sample of the synopsis he gave me for the film:

A disenfranchised priest and a reclusive woman must overcome their distrust of each other as they are trapped in a house while the world around them is claimed by the living dead. Their past, the epidemic around them and their future are intertwined. They must unravel these secrets if they hope to survive.  

From just watching the trailer and reading the synopsis it seems like a basic horror/action zombie film. But Brookshire had this to tell us:  

"(The) outline doesn't touch on the great humor Stanley (the lead) provides or some of the really cool scenes like one were Stanley accidentally shorts the power out and plunges them into darkness just as zombies break in. It's a great fighting zombies in the dark scene"  

When will the film be released? Well, there is no date yet but he did tell us about how far along he is in Post-Production:  

"We are really excited to enter the final stages of post production. I just finished the final edit. The score is about two weeks from completion. The color correction, sound and the rest of post should be done by June. The score in particular, excites me. We already have a killer soundtrack featuring alternative bands from across the world. One of the bands, Edible Clowns and the Gentle Fracture is also providing the score. This film will rock as much as it makes you smile."

You can check out more of the stills he provided us here or you can check out the official website and check out the trailer they have up.  

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