Bubba Nosferatu Resuscitated


Awhile back there was alot of buzz surrounding the possiblity that Bruce Campbell and Don Coscarelli would reteam for a sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. News circulated and soon Campbell spoke out about the next film calling it Bubba Nosferatu.

Fast forward to now and it looks like they are moving ahead with the project. iFMagazine went to the Masters of Horror party for season 2 and caught up with Coscarelli. Unfortunally he will not be involved in Season 2 but he did have this to say about Bubba Nosferatu:

“It’s going to star Bruce Campbell again, and he’s going to put on the old sequined jump suit," says Coscarelli. "It looks like it could be pretty interesting.”  Obviously, from that comment Campbell’s Elvis survived the first movie, and Coscarelli laughingly added, “ Who said he died? He’s not dead.  It’s the magic of movies, we’ll resuscitate him some how.”

Everyone who was has seen the original will be excited at the prospect of having Bruce Campbell portraying the geriatic King of Memphis, Elvis Presley. We will be keeping a close eye out for more news on this film. Be sure and also read the short interview that we did with Bruce Campbell: Bruce Campbell Interview

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