Wicked EFX Working For Bob Clark


Our good pals over at Arrow have been in touch with Wicked EFX who just so happen to be one of the crews working on Bob Clarks remake of his own film, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. They have been working on some concept art for the zombies that will be used in the films. Arrow managed to get a hold on some of them.

Wicked EFX also gave them an idea of what Clark is looking for with his zombies.

"[Bob Clark] ... told me there would be a combination of practical and physical effects in the movie. The sequence he has us in mind for is best described as "zombie love" and it's going to be really funny."

Wicked EFX are working on several other genre projects including our friend Dante Tomaselli's The Ocean. You can check out all of their work at their MySpace page. You can see the rest of the concept art by clicking here.

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