Coscarelli Talks Bubba Nosferatu


Just a few days ago we reported that Coscarelli has been working on the kinks and getting the sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep underway. Today he spoke with Sci Fi Wire about what to expect and what caused alot of the delay.

As you all know Ossie Davis, who was a fantastic actor and person, died. That was quite a set back for everyone involved. Than MGM was bought out by Sony. Now the dust has settled and its time for Bruce to don the jumpsuit once again.

"I'm putting a big effort into doing Bubba Nosferatu now. The project has a life of its own," said Coscarelli. "People seem to want it. We just have to get it finished. The whole idea of Bubba Nosferatu was a joke."

This time around rather than making Bruce look old, they may have to make him look younger. Thats right this time around they are planning on making a prequel with Elvis being in his 30's as he dabbles in the world of black magic and voodoo. BD has also recieved word that Paul Giamatti will appear as one of the Kings legendary manager, Col. Tom Parker.

For all of you who were wondering if Joe R. Lansdale will be involved in this I have good news. He has been working with Coscarelli on the script and they hope to begin shooting this year. Coscarelli even let out that he is already toying with a third film in the series, Bubba Sasquatch. 

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